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2. Februar 2024 @ 20:00 3. Februar 2024 @ 0:00

THE RODEO (Chanson/ Pop/ FR)

The Rodeo has played all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Taïwan) and shared the stage with many artists (Salif Keita, Stereophonics, Villagers, Nada Surf, The Do, Kazu…). She’s involved in the european program Keychange for more parity in the music industry.

Under the anagram The Rodeo, Dorothée has been curating her discography since 2010. An exercise in self-exploration that her fourth album, Arlequine, refines and reveals with the confidence of someone who has left doubt by the wayside. In nine baroque, complex and catchy French pop tracks, the singer- songwriter-composer unveils hter many faces. Truly multi-faceted, she is as much a performer on stage as she is an artist in real life. She plays with appearances instead of falling victim to them. Backed by a group of loyal virtuoso musicians, Arlequine marries melancholy and melodic clarity, anger and orchestral density, mourning and pop idealism, in ambivalent songs with powerful choruses that paint the portrait of “a battle-hardened woman with a smile (…), a woman warrior with makeup” ( “Arlequine ” ) : resilient, resolute, reborn.

VVK 12 €
AK 15 €

Kulturpalast Linden Deisterstr. 24 30449 Hannover

0171 1445908

Kulturpalast Deisterstr. 24

Deisterstr. 24
Hannover, Niedersachsen 30449
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