Fallen Trees (Pop-Rock-Folk/Malmö)

Fallen Trees from Malmö, Sweden, were formed in early 2010 by Emanuel Arvanitis and David Karlsson. The two friends had already been playing together for about eight years in different rock bands, but this time Emanuel wanted to try something completely different. He and David went out to an old cabin in the forest near Höör, not far from Malmö. They recorded a few songs in a way they hadn’t tried earlier, mostly with acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar, banjo, double bass and quiet drums. What was supposed to be a one-off recording session would soon evolve into a proper band. Emanuel and David realized that what they had created was so good they just couldn’t leave it at that. They had also put the music online and within a month several thousand people had listened to it. Emanuel asked his friend from university, banjo picker and mandolin strummer Kalle Larsson, to join them, and after trying out several drummers they found Mats Åberg and immediately knew they had found the right person. The lineup was complete.

During the first two years they performed frequently, contributed to three compilations and were played at several radio stations. They also released the two EP’s Fallen Trees andSilence Is A Deafening Sound without having a company backing them up. Those two years of establishing themselves as a promising and an upcoming act on the North European scene led to them signing a deal with German indie label Stargazer Records. Around the same time David decided to fully focus on recording instead of playing shows with the band. The band found a replacement in Kalle’s younger brother Tomas Larsson on bass guitar.

Experimenting with the sound of the acoustic instruments, letting the sound go through effect pedals and amplifiers, they found a new Fallen Trees with more energy. The perfect blend between the organic and the electric. And after 150 hours in the studio Dystofuzz was born. The album was released in January 2013 followed by singles and videos. Artist and friend Anton Svensson transformed the theme of the album into drawings used for the artwork. Simultaneously an effect pedal with the same name was launched, made by Moody Sounds.