Fake Empire präsentiert:

PALE HONEY (Indie-Rock/Göteburg-Schweden)

SLOW SUNDAY (Pop’N’Roll aus Hannover)

PALE HONEY is a minimalistic rock duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their
music is really kicked back but it still comes with a clear and intense vibe
to it. It’s almost provoking how easy they blend coolness with heat and
just totally get away with it.
On stage the band performs as a trio consisting of singer/guitarist Tuva,
drummer Nelly and always backed up by a cool bass player. You don’t
have to question why they sound like they do or how they get to be so
sincere and nonchalant at the same time. It’s just obvious. You’ll get it.
The band is releasing their first EP in May, and right now they’re working
on their de- but album which is to be released later this year.
Pale Honey is the type you just know you wanna get more of. And you
will. Promise.

Slow Sunday :slow sunday_foto
Langsame Sonntage überlebt man am besten mit seinen Lieblingsplatten.
Zweifelnd und zerrissen soll es klingen.
Wie Slow Sunday`s ungebügelter Pop`N Roll.
Inspiriert vom Soundgewand der 60er bis 80er Jahre.

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