TRAASHBOO (punk opera/Leipzig)
I AM THE MAIN CHARACTER (noise punk/Irland)
SSMMÜTT (psych kosmiche/Irland)

a grumpy and loony rebel squeezing a big load of frustration out of his vocal cords.
from nine to five he’s pulling 1100liter trashcans, caring for an elderly woman, cleaning a bar and a hostel.
for the money? a passing fancy? yes. but no. a breeding ground for a society-critical squaller
who’s fly fishing for senselessnessmonster in our middleeuropean blablabla.
lots of rapping, shouting, screaming, opera singing and jumping. a noisy trashy punkopera.

I Am The Main Character
I Am The Main Character are a group comprised of several musicians from the Dublin improvised music scene.
Furious and mercurial, this electronic/live combo rip through super accelerated ‚pop‘ tracks, often in 2 minutes or less.
Stemming from the deluded protagonist nature of their subject matter, the two vocalists fight live on stage for the starring role.

Inspired by trashy 70’s occult pornography SSMMÜTT are a three piece ubergruppe from Dublin playing industrial,
noisey kosmiche music with brightly coloured, devilishly themed psychedelic visuals.